Sweet Surrender prompt: Something causes Joesph to have a full blown panic attack. Cue an impromptu intro to bondage and the discovery that he never has felt safer than tied up and held in Belle's arms.


Belle nearly jumped out of her seat as Joseph crashed through her office door, his eyes wild.  “Belle,” he whimpered, and she leaped to her feet, running to his side.

“I’m here, baby,” she assured him, gripping his arm and holding on hard so he could feel her presence.  “I’m here.  I’ve got you.”

Beneath her hands, Joseph was shaking so hard she feared he’d fly apart.  “Come on,” she commanded, closing the door behind him and not bothering to lock it.  Ellen would never intrude on this time.  “Strip.”

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Once Upon a time Comic con 2014 (shaky cellphone) part 1

sorry for the wait! it cut off the end due to the auto focus being dumb.


Bobby wave
"I Can Fix It"


Summery: Rumple and Belle relax indoors, out of the summer heat as the air conditioning fails unexpectedly.This might be a pretty vague summery, but trust me, it’s not what you think. 

Rating: NC-17 (Smut)

Note: advah prompted: Rumbelle smut. I wont put what they prompted here, you have to read to find out. Part of my 900 follower prompt thingy. Thank you to my beta. Please let me know what you think. *Happy Reading*

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The beginning of August is brutal for the small town of Storybrooke, Maine. The sun beams down on the hottest summer in years, as the temperatures seem to rise everyday. The residents stay indoors, shielding themselves from the heat of the scorching sun. Rumplestiltskin and Belle are no exception to the smoldering weather, as they sit comfortably inside their rather large estate.

They both stayed home from working at the pawnshop. They had no customers the past two days; the heat has driven everyone away, so they decided not to open.

Belle reads quietly and secretly watches her husband fumble around with his books and potions. Watching little puffs of purple smoke peering up from behind her book, listening to potion bottles rattle and smash on the floor. It’s just like a high school science experiment gone astray.

She peeks over her book, holding in her giggles, witnessing the look of frustration on Rumple’s face. She watches as he attempts another spell, waving his hands like the masterful wizard he is. Purple smoke rises, as a flicker of light fills the small cloud above the potion bottle. He adds another dose of potion, suddenly the concoction spits out onto his face and the purple cloud dissipates. Belle could no longer hold in her laughter.

Rumple glances at her and quickly whips his face. “I’m happy that amuses you, Belle,” he sneers.

"Yes, it does." She laughs a little more.

He picks up the bottle and tries again, only for his attempt to end in failure.

Belle covers her mouth to muddle her laughter. “What’s wrong, sweetie?” she asks with a giggle.

"I don’t know, something must be off with this spell."

She collects herself, taking deep breaths, from all the laughter. “What are trying to do?” she asks a bit calmer.

Rumple sighs and snaps his fingers, making all his materials disappear. “It doesn’t matter sweetheart. I tried three times and it’s not working, there’s something wrong with the spell.” He sits on the couch next to Belle, wraps his arm around her kissing her cheek.

"It’s alright Rumple, you’ll figure it out sooner or later." She smiles.

"I know dearie." He rests his head on her shoulder. "What are you reading?"

"Les Misérables"


"No, not again. I haven’t finished it yet."

"Oh." He lays down, resting his head in her lap.

She strokes her fingers through his hair, as she continues reading her book.

Moments later, the air conditioning, that’s been keeping the house cool from the summer heat, shuts down without warning. Rumple and Belle don’t notice it at first, only when the temperature starts to rise.


"Yes, Rumple."

"It’s getting hot in here, can’t you feel it?"

"Yes, it is beginning to get warmer," she answers.

Rumple sits up and lays back down, resting his head on the arm of couch. “Could you go check the air dearie?”

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Did not expect that ending. But really, IGLOO SEX. I think you just won the award for Porn In Must Unusual Place. Everyone else, go home.


Anonymous prompted: “Rumbelle in a swimming pool.”

(This is set in a nice, happy world where season 3 never happened.)

Ok, again, sorry for the wait, but I hope you like it anyway.

Also, a very small amount of bonus Swanfire.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy.


It wasn’t Mary Margaret’s fault that she had got sick, but Emma had to admit that her timing could have been better. This week was the one that she and Neal had set aside to go to New York and tie up all Neal’s affairs there with a view to his moving to Storybrooke permanently. Since the trip would be full of meetings with lawyers and real estate agents, they did not want to take Henry with them, but he couldn’t really stay with Mary Margaret and David, who were incubating the flu. 

Still, Henry had enough extended family in Storybrooke that finding another willing chaperone would not be too much of a problem, and Belle had jumped at the chance to spend time with her sort-of-step-grandson. Whilst Emma’s feelings towards Gold were still mixed, she had seen enough interaction between him and Belle to know that the little librarian had her true love completely whipped, so she was confident that no harm would come to Henry whilst Belle was around. 

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Ah yes, “doggy style”. He’ll have to enlighten her about that when they get home. Adding Neal and Emma in at the end was perfect. Father/son bonding through shared awkwardness. I can see them getting competitive as they advance in their lessons and having friendly races. 


Repeatinglitanies prompted: “An accident puts Belle French in a coma. But the comatose state is not a state of oblivion for Belle. For some reason, it awakens an ability to jump to other people’s dreams. The ability gives Belle a better understanding of the people of Storybrooke, especially the fearsome Mr Gold. Because as it so happens, Mr Gold has been having interesting dreams about her for some time now.”

Erm, another one that got away from me… I am sorry this took so long to appear, my dear, and I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.


The car hit hard and Belle felt herself flying through the air. There was very little pain; sleep came quickly as soon as she landed on the cold, wet tarmac. 

Belle was not sure how long she had been sleeping, but she knew that she was not quite ready to wake up yet. She was comfortable in the hazy mist of the dream space. It was warm and safe, and she felt nicely numb. She was vaguely aware of voices above her, talking, but she couldn’t make out the words. Whatever they were saying, it could wait. Everything could wait. For now, she would rest in the dream space, snug and protected. 

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Oh, this was lovely and so very well-written — things without dialogue can drag but this didn’t at all. Loved the giant carrots and killer apples! And Graham and his wolves was so sad. The way she realised maybe it was time to wake up when she saw Gold’s nightmare of his dying, and the way she appeared to him in a dream that made him think that she was waking up this time was great.



Neal Cassidy in new York, OUAT 2x01

I still want to know what his job was, dammit all.

My headcanon is concierge or other hotel job.


Vineyard VIXEN 29


Vineyard VIXEN 29


Designer: William J. Dodd (1862-1930)Manufacturer: Gates Potteries (Teco Pottery)Date: ca. 1901-22Medium: EarthenwareLocation: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York



Designer: William J. Dodd (1862-1930)
Manufacturer: Gates Potteries (Teco Pottery)
Date: ca. 1901-22
Medium: Earthenware
Location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


Requested by anon:

Mr. Gold’s House interior pics taken from here.

And screencaps of the place from Skin Deep and the Crocodile, after the set dressers went in and redecorated for the show: